Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ready to Obey!

Stop Running

Ready to Obey

Have you ever felt like things keep happening to you around the same topic? 
You know there's a purpose to it but you can't figure out what it is?
That's where I am... The last two years of my life confirmed my purpose.
I have struggled to fit in, to be strong, to love in spite of and keep moving forward all my life.
I now know that my struggles weren't for me, but for someone else.
I know that I went through to speak to the masses.

At some point you can't run from your purpose.
God knows what you're going to do before you do! 
He will chase you and wait for you to stop fighting him! You know it's for you because as you're going through it, you feel like you can't make it but somehow you do and you come out stronger! 

My blogs will be about:
-life problems
-the wonderful God I serve 
-natural hair
-being strong 
-much more! 

I'm so excited to share with you guys! Feel free to share you thoughts below! 
And make sure you connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 
Eventually I will start vlogging on YouTube as well! 

All love! Kisses! 

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  1. DO IT!!!! you know im a huge supporter. This is something that's going to be wonderful.